On the design of acupuncture machine

- Apr 28, 2017-

To meet the convenience of installation, easy integration of the line, improve system performance requirements, the system according to single design, free combination of the design, that is, each needle-punched unit using a PLC, a master station, the rest of the station to do from control, as long as a man-machine interface, through the RS232 communication Port Control main Station PLC, the main station and the station Data Interchange link communication. Because of the link communication between four FBS-60MA, plus the acupuncture machine each control has a frequency converter, so the PLC nearby has a strong disturbance source, if the PLC anti-interference problem not, or the wiring is unreasonable, will directly cause the communication error, thus making the whole equipment paralyzed. The design concept of PLC is different from it is that we integrate all the control parts on a chip Soc, that is: System chips (system-on-chip). The CPU, timer, counters, AD,DA, high-speed counting and so on are integrated, so the acupuncture machine anti-interference ability to improve greatly, coupled with our input and output has been isolated to solve the customer's anti-interference problem of the worries.