Operation Characteristics of Acupuncture machine

- Apr 28, 2017-

Needle-punched machine is a kind of machine which is suitable for high density, high tensile strength and quality needle-punched nonwovens. Part of the needle-punched machine adopts crankshaft balancing oil tank, automatic circulating lubrication, compact structure and unique characteristics, such as easy to regulate the needle, high-frequency and efficient. Different characteristics of acupuncture machine can be suitable for different materials processing.

The use of curved tank structure, the sliding block balanced operation and stability of the needle machine suitable for leather base fabric, filtration materials, engineering geotextile, chemical substrate and other high-grade non-woven fabrics. Its characteristic is automatic forced circulation lubrication mechanism, abnormal condition will automatically stop operation, prevent malfunction, prolong machine life. Aluminum-magnesium alloy plate material, irregular computer cloth needle punching holes.