Principle and composition of non-woven needle-punched machine

- Apr 28, 2017-

The principle and composition of non-woven needle-punched machine in daily production The speed of production is generally reflected in the production of machines; Nonwoven fabrics are not tied to all kinds of weaving. Production speed is greatly improved, hundreds of times higher than traditional textiles. Compared with the traditional shuttle loom production, the acupuncture method (4m width) is 125 times times. and non-woven fabric width range is very large, generally can be around 4m. The widest can reach 17m, the production efficiency is much higher than the traditional textiles. The use of needle-acupuncture method of non-woven fabrics production line equipment is divided into: Delivery network mechanism, drafting structure, acupuncture mechanism, transmission mechanism and subsidiary Body 6 parts. The most important part is the acupuncture mechanism, it is divided into: Pre acupuncture machine, main acupuncture machine 2 parts. The pre-acupuncture machine will be fluffy and powerful fiber network to consolidate the top-down acupuncture, to reduce its thickness, initially strong, to send to the main needle acupuncture machine, is a variety of needle-punched nonwoven production of the necessary equipment. The main needle-punched machine is the high density, high strength non-woven needle reinforcement to decorate, the general non-woven fabrics have to pass through the main acupuncture.

The application of three inverter in non-woven needle-punched machine as a non-woven needle-punched machine produced by the control system, the machine is suitable for the pre-acupuncture and the combined acupuncture and the main needle used in the fabric after the net-forming fibers. The main mechanical requirements of this kind of non-woven needle-punched machine are: steady speed control. The main technological parameters influencing product quality in non-woven needle-punched machine are: acupuncture depth and needle density. Machine working frequency around 30Hz, acupuncture frequency of about 800 thorn/cent. and the needle plate action frequency can be changed with the process requirements of non-woven fabrics, in the production can guarantee the density and strength of non-woven fabrics, fully achieve non-woven process requirements.