Problems and solutions for the use of vibrating cotton box for key unit of non-woven fabrics

- Apr 28, 2017-

Problems and solutions for the use of vibrating cotton box for key unit of non-woven fabrics
1, on the two sides of the storage of cotton box with short fibers and dust fly out, polluting the air of the workshop.
Reason: On the cotton box on both sides of the plate for the mesh, the purpose is to exhaust the wind, but the dust in the fiber is also directly discharged, affecting the air quality of the workshop; Although the holes in the mesh plates are small, they will also have small fibers flying out of the hole and directly to the workshop This is not conducive to keeping the workshop tidy, and also not conducive to the health of staff in the workshop.
Solution: On the two sides of the storage box to remove the mesh, the exhaust is not directly discharged to the workshop, retaining the roof of the mesh plate, and in the top of the storage of cotton box to add a vacuum hood to exhaust, and add a exhaust fan.
2, angular nail curtain to the vibration area of the fiber is too small, output low.
Reason: Cotton roller and angle nail curtain between the distance between the small, angular nail curtain from the cotton silo crawling fibers, after all cotton roller is laid, left in the corner nail curtains too few fibers. Although the pitch between the cotton roller and the angular nail curtain can be adjusted, the distance appears small for some coarse denier fibers.
Solution: Appropriately narrow the diameter of the cotton roller, so that the cotton roller and angular nail curtain between the spacing between the greater adjustment space to adapt to different raw materials.
3, the product of metal substances detected
Reason: The raw materials occasionally small metallic materials, even the naked eye is unfavorable to observe the metal dust, they are contained in tight compacted raw materials, the front road clearing equipment and metal detection device may not be able to completely check out these substances in time. Metal material into the follow-up equipment, the equipment will affect the use of performance, and impact on product quality.
Solution: Corner nail Curtain plus a strong magnet, adsorption fibers, to protect the follow-up equipment, and fully remove the non-woven fabrics of metal impurities.
4, for some raw materials, cotton evenness is not good, the output cotton layer is relatively loose, not dense.
Reason: For some long fibers, curl is insufficient, embrace force not strong fiber or coarse denier fiber, fiber itself relatively fluffy, in the same conditions, compared with other fibers falling slowly, mixing effect deviation, compaction difficulties.
A, appropriate lengthened vibrating plates and vibrating front plates to lengthen the vibrating area of the fibers, extending the vibration time of the fiber, so that the raw material is fully mixed;
b, appropriately increase the vibration amplitude, increase the vibration space of the fibers, increase the vibration of the fiber, so that the raw materials are fully mixed;
C, the vibrating front plate is the mesh plate, has the exhaust effect, but the vibration front plate in the vibration area the upper part is the observation window, only the lower part is the mesh plate, for fluffy fibers need to increase the exhaust air flow, so the vibration plate to mesh plate, in the vibration plate reciprocating role, so that the fiber in the air fully discharged, so that the fiber whereabouts smoothly, the output cotton layer dense.
5, the pressure network roller can not withstand the output cotton layer.
Reason: The pressure net roller can only be adjusted before and after, can not adjust, when the cotton layer thinning, the pressure net roller can not withstand the cotton layer, then the effect of the pressure net roller, the output of the cotton layer is untrue.
Solution: Change the adjustment of the pressure roller, so that the roller can be adjusted before and after the thickness of the cotton layer can be adjusted up and down, play the role of the pressure network.
6, stripping cotton roller under the guide plate on the cotton phenomenon.
Reason: The cross section of the Guide cotton plate is triangular, the Guide cotton Board angle is small, the guide cotton slope is small, causes the cotton not smooth and accumulates cotton.
Solution: Change the angle of the guide cotton plate, make the gradient of the guide cotton, fiber decline smoothly will not accumulate cotton. Since the accumulation of cotton is a large chunk of cotton, so it also avoids the accumulation of cotton due to the impact of the uniformity of cotton.