The development foreground of carding machine

- Apr 28, 2017-

The working efficiency of carding machine has been improved with the improvement of carding component and carding process. In the 1950 of the 20th century, the study of high speed strong carding process improved the production capacity of carding machine. In order to adapt to the wide use of metal needle cloth and high-speed requirements, carding machine has been generally equipped with a variable speed (speed) device, convenient operation; To improve the unevenness of the length of the fiber strip, the use of auto-changer and a variety of safety, process auto-stopping devices to reduce workers' labor intensity, increase the absorption of cotton, fly and dust equipment, improve the labor environment, reduce yarn defects.

The modern carding machine continues to develop in the direction of high quality, high yield and low consumption. Because of the small spacing of the carding machine, the speed of operation is increasing, people pay more attention to improving the machining accuracy, improving the quality of needle cloth and ensuring the stability and reliability of the comb function. Under the conditions of high speed operation, the safety of needle-protection rolling and the suction of cotton dust and other devices still need to be perfected. The measures of attaching carding parts, double-connecting unit, carding, combing and joining of carding machine are also gradually adopted. Some countries have widened the machine amplitude, enhance the carding ability of the main comb, improve the carding parts, improve the ability to remove grass clutter, and so on, as a topic in exploration.