The structure and working principle of feeding box of key unit in Nonwoven fabric production

- Apr 28, 2017-

Feeding the cotton box is a dry-mesh non-woven production line of the key unit, one of the main function is to fully open loose mixing fibers into uniform Shan cotton, feeding into the next network equipment (carding machine or airflow into the network machine). In the non-woven production line, feeding the cotton box is the connection between the clearing equipment and the network equipment, feeding the quality of the fiber box output directly affect the network equipment, especially carding machine to generate the quality of the network. At present, non-woven cloth production plant widely used in the feeding of the cotton box and vibrating plate a hundred times a minute of vibration and the weight of the fiber itself to overcome the resistance between the walls of the plate, the volume of the density of the silo evenly, and continuously and steadily feeding the carding machine. Pneumatic cotton box due to the use of air pressure since the control of the whole mix, so that the output fiber layer in the density and uniformity in the vibration of the cotton box, but when the line density is greater than 11dtex, curl is insufficient, the strength is not strong fiber or longer than 76mm fibers, more appropriate to use vibrating cotton box.
The basic structure of vibrating cotton box, after the initial opening of the raw materials, in a certain pressure and speed of the wind carried, through the comb cotton pipe, into the top of the cotton box feeding the cotton mouth, fell in the feeding box, the box on the storage of cotton in the box on the side of the upper and lower photovoltaic control, the fibre is stored in the cotton box to the lower storage tank, the open loose roller in the storage box will be two feeding roller clamping. Loose, fell to the feeding curtain, the raw materials fed into the curtain to the angle nail curtain to the upper and lower photoelectric control feeding cotton curtain to open and stop. The angle nail curtain crawls the raw material vertically, so that the raw material can be fully mixed and loose. When the raw material with the angle nail curtain shipped to the cotton roller, cotton roller will be a large loose surplus fibers back to the cotton silo, and mixing with other raw materials center, the rest of the fiber with the angle nail curtain shipped to the peeling cotton roller, stripping the cotton roller to the fiber angle nail curtain down, and in the process of falling, the vibration plate repeatedly squeezed, so that the entire warehouse fiber density uniformity. The box is arranged on both sides of two pairs of upper and lower photoelectric. The lowest level of photoelectric control, when the storage of cotton reaches this position, the angle nail curtain output, and in the output is pressed roller further compaction, forming a uniform Shan cotton, sent to the next network equipment.