Working principle of non-woven fabrics production line

- Apr 28, 2017-

Poly Polypropylene Viscose Non-woven production line is polypropylene slice as raw material, melt spinning directly into the net, by hot-rolled consolidated split-type non-woven fabrics production line, melting state of polymer through the spray silk plate after the growth of silk, into the transverse flow of cooling and curing, the wire beam in the air flow drawing device under the suction of the drawing effect of the wind in the draft nozzle, with the airflow along the nozzle downward movement, completed into the line of traction and conveying. Single filament fiber can reach 2.0 denier, the wind speeds up to 5000 meters/cent. With the use of uniform motion of net curtain, the formation of homogeneous fiber mesh, fiber network through double-roll hot rolling consolidation.