Maintenance And Maintenance Of High Pressure Blower For Central Feeding System

- Apr 17, 2017-

The central feeding system adopts the vacuum conveying method, which utilizes the pressure generated by the high-pressure blower. Through the centralized piping system, the plastic raw material from the storage tank to the central drying system, and then the raw material to each injection molding machine, in the realization of raw material conveying, but also the raw materials for dehumidification, drying, color and other processing technology.

First, the maintenance of high-pressure blower:
1, the need to regularly inspect the various parts of the fan comprehensively, such as the integrity of the machine, the fastener and positioning of the installation is loose, the bolt, nut connection tightness, and so on.
2, each downtime should be inspected the blower and the motor find, find positive. Check the unit's base around whether all pads, anchor bolts fastening, and then run 20 minutes to observe confirmation.
3, the regular replacement of gear lubricants, the fuel tank injected into a prescribed grade oil to the oil level line.
4, in order to ensure the normal supply of air raw materials, normal production, the need to inspect the fans daily, timely detection and solve problems.

Second, the maintenance of high-pressure fans:
1, high-voltage fan each downtime should be the motor itself, the motor heat dissipation impeller oil dust to clean up, can be the motor itself cooling 2-4 ℃, so that the motor cooling good.
2, high-pressure fan in the ambient temperature not greater than 40 ℃ can be used for a long time, more than 40 ℃, should install exhaust fan and other cooling measures to improve the service life of fans.
3, high-pressure fan clearance small, long time normal operation of the impeller will be stained with the air sludge, resulting in friction between the impeller, not only damage the impeller, the noise is large, and will change the gap between the gears, so that the friction between the impeller greater. Therefore, the need to periodically replace the fan imported filter cloth (according to the Air volume weekly replacement), cleaning the air blower room to ensure that the purity of raw materials, the other half a year to the fan impeller thoroughly cleaned once, and make a good record.