The Composition And Application Of The Whole Equipment Of Needle-punched Machine

- Apr 28, 2017-

Needle-punched machine is composed of flower feeding machine, cotton box, carding machine, a pre thorn and a main thorn combined into, needle-punched machine is the garment factory all colored waste cloth head, cotton spinning waste yarn, waste clothing, broken cotton, cotton, hemp and other scrap processing into recycled cotton, then recycled cotton combed cotton, paving nets, acupuncture, reinforcement, increase the strength become non-woven fabrics.

The products produced by the whole equipment of needle-punched machine have soft and pliable, cheap, diverse colors, anti-corrosion Bao Wennai aging, etc., can be widely used in the production of automotive cushion covers, sofa pad cloth, hi dream mattress, insoles, blankets, carpets, artificial leather-based cloth, filter materials non-woven fabrics, highway subgrade bedding cloth and so on.