The Use And Technology Characteristics Of Needle-punched Machine

- Apr 28, 2017-

The main applications of needle-punched nonwoven materials are carpets, decorative mats, sports pads, mattresses, furniture mats, shoes and hats, shoulder pads, synthetic leather substrates, coated substrates, ironing pads, wound dressings, artificial blood vessels, heat jacket, filtration materials, geotextiles, paper blankets, linoleum fabric, insulation materials and automotive decorative material.

At present, the needle-punched machine is used in high temperature filtration products more. High-temperature filtration products of high-performance fibers are mainly fiberglass, Nomex fibers, P84 fibers, pps fibers, PETT fibers. Due to the characteristics of the former fibers, the scope of use has been affected. The glass fibers are brittle, the Nomex fibers are resistant to oxidation, and the P84 fibers are susceptible to hydrolysis, and the use of PPS fibers is lower. and PETT fiber chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature, can be used in a variety of harsh environment and achieve better results, than other fibers made of filter material has a longer life.

Although PETT has good resistance to mild chemical corrosion resistance, the price is expensive and filtration efficiency is compared with other fibers made of filter material has no advantage. For this reason, some enterprises in the appropriate amount of ultra-fine glass fiber, not affect the temperature resistance, but also improve filter efficiency and reduce the rate of material prices, and expand the scope of application and prolong service life.

Needle-punched Nonwoven technology has pre-thorn, main thorn, pattern acupuncture, ring-type acupuncture and tubular acupuncture.

The characteristics of non-woven technology of acupuncture method:
1. Suitable for all kinds of fibers, mechanical entanglement does not affect the original characteristics of fiber.
2. The flexible entanglement between fibers has better dimensional stability and elasticity.
3. Used for papermaking blankets greatly improves life expectancy.
4. Good permeability and filtration performance.
5. Wool ring type product feel plump.
6. No pollution, edge material recyclable.
7. According to the requirements of various geometric patterns or three-dimensional molding products.

The main characteristics of reinforcing technology of acupuncture machine:
1, stripping the mesh plate and the distance between the small,
2. High frequency of acupuncture,
3, the needle movement is small.