What Are The Advantages Of Pneumatic Conveying System?

- Apr 17, 2017-

In the industrial production process, many industries will be used as pressure conveying, negative pressure conveying pneumatic conveying, processing raw materials. Pneumatic conveying system can satisfy the demand of large quantities and high efficiency conveying raw materials, can effectively improve production efficiency, and ensure the quality of products, plastics and other industries are indispensable important production equipment. So what are the advantages of pneumatic conveying system?

1, can achieve a variety of processing. Pneumatic conveying system is used in conveying process or conveying terminals to carry out other process operations simultaneously, such as mixing, crushing, grading, drying, cooling, dedusting and other chemical reactions, and improving production efficiency.

2, can be widely used. Pneumatic conveying equipment Using principle is very simple, the conveying process is also simple, can convey a wide range of operations, mobile flexible convenience, can be continuous feeding and continuous delivery, can adapt to a variety of raw materials delivery.

3, can make full use of space, small footprint. Conveyor machinery, such as belt conveyor, screw conveyor is essentially conveying in a direction, while pneumatic conveying system can be transported upward, downward or around the building, such as obstructions, its conveying tubes can be higher or avoid other devices or equipment occupied space.

4, can reduce pollution, environmental protection and cleanliness. Pneumatic conveying system adopts closed conveying mode to avoid dust blowing, and can ensure that the material is not contaminated by any dust, improve the hygienic condition of the workshop, and benefit the environment protection.

5, can reduce equipment cost, maintenance convenience. Pneumatic conveying system with simple equipment, less sports parts, material breakage and equipment wear less, can save energy, maintenance is also convenient, easy to automate.

On the pneumatic conveying system which has the advantages of application, today is introduced here. Overall, pneumatic conveying system has stable performance, large conveying capacity, reliable quality, no dust pollution problem, is the ideal material conveying equipment.