Fiber Carding Machine for Non Woven Felt

Fiber Carding Machine for Non Woven Felt

This Cross Lapper Machine is used to fold and pave the finished cotton wool into a certain thickness and width for the next process.
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Relying on the strong technical support of the R&D department, we are now one of the most reliable suppliers of Automatic Feeding Machine, Lapping Machine For Nonwoven Fiber, feeding machine in China. After years of steady development, our company adheres to the concept of improving the quality of life with technological innovation, and brings product technology closer to consumers. Together with our all over the world have branches and partners to develop new business areas, maximum common values. We always make breakthroughs with an enterprising spirit, persistently exploring the technological frontier of products.

Cross Lapper Machine

Function: This machine is used to fold and pave the finished cotton wool into a certain thickness and width for the next process. 

Description: The weight and the length is adjustable. All frequency conversion adjustment, simple structure, convenient operation. The main frame is a folding plate structure, which has sufficient strength and stability. The track is oil-proof and leakproof. The paving net is provided with segmental independent frequency conversion control to ensure the quality of the fiber net is flat. All motors adopt frequency conversion control, and the bottom curtain uses turbine to lift. The outlet is equipped with a cotton roller, and the speed adjustment between the curtains can be adjusted, so that the cotton mesh can be evenly laid on the bottom curtain according to the required unit weight for the next process.It is the best choice for professional production of non-woven fabric, quilt and cotton tire.

Width: input 1700~2700mm, output 2500~9900mm

Installed power: 8kw~20kw

Capacity of fiber: ≤4000g/m2, specials can be customized






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