Nonwoven Thermal Bonding Mattress Wadding Machine

Nonwoven Thermal Bonding Mattress Wadding Machine

The 3D Vertical Cotton is called 3D cotton for short. it is a new environmental non woven dimensional material. It has Honeycomb fiber web structure.
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3D Vertical Cotton Production Line

introduction: The 3D Vertical Cotton is called 3D cotton for short. it is a new environmental non woven dimensional material. It has Honeycomb fiber web structure.

Structure: This machine use of vertical nonwoven fiber web technology, but the fiber web is vertical up and down arranged not horizontally arranged.

1.High-resilience. High-compressive properties
The vertical arrangement of fiber network and the use of 3D vertical shrink cotton fiber material make the product have a better and more gentle touch. Three dimensional structure of the product in the response rate reached above 90 percent, by compression, 3D vertical cotton than non-vertically into the network can be higher than 30_60% of material thickness and thermal capacity, faster rebound, stronger resistance
2. Air permeability and Water permeability
Upright type structure which changed flat screen  overlapping structure of vertical cotton and improve the original common product defects: The larger the size of product thickness, the poorer of permeability problems, with multilayer high density unordered node reticular fiber, layers of air, to achieve the best results. At the same time, water permeability of the erect hard cotton is very good

3.light texture
Vertical cotton has the lightest weight in the same type of material. Performance under the same conditions, only 50% of polyurethane foam material, 60% of other non-woven material.

4. Never turn yellow, Non-toxic and environmental friendly, Easier to clean and dry
Application: Widely used in women's bras, sanitary, fire protection materials, cushioning materials, etc. in stead of  Foamed Polyurethane






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