Yykb-III-Bale Opener Nonwoven Machinery Machine

Yykb-III-Bale Opener Nonwoven Machinery Machine

Double Doffer carding machine can card the fiber bundles into a thin web or layer after the opening and blending for the next process to use.
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Single Cylinder Double Doffer carding machine

Function: Double Doffer carding machine can card the fiber bundles into a thin web or layer after the opening and blending for the next process to use.

Description: Mechanical form for the uplink half-week roller test method. mechanical structure: feeding system, carding system, fiber web forming system, messy system, output system, suction system, drive system, etc. The main diameter of cylinder is 1230mm. The feeding roller is controlled by frequency conversion and the machine is equipped with anti-metal protection device. According to the different raw materials and processing technique, it is separated into two kinds of fiber web forming system: single cylinder and double cylinder. Whole machine adopt touch screen to centralized control, frequency changer. There is dust collection device to ensure the health of workers

Width: 1550mm, 1850mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2300mm, 2500mm

Installed power: 20kw~40kw

Specifications of card clothe: alloy polishing card cloth, self-locking card cloth, polishing card cloth, Stripes card clothe. It also can be customized

Specifications of fiber: 1.5~30D*25-76

Applicable fiber: polyester, viscose, nylon, polypropylene (pp), glass fiber, Recycle PET, coconut fiber, PTFE, etc.






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